Historic Florida Militia

Our Mission

The Historic Florida Militia (HFM) is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting re-created historic interpretive units and representing a number of cultures and time periods.

Member groups receive a link to their group page or can have a group page designed for them.  In addition, member groups in good standing are eligible for event coverage under the group’s insurance policy.  Member groups can also arrange at minimal cost for rental of period appropriate canvas, furniture and cooking supplies.


HFM is a registered 501 c. 3. Non-Profit Organization.
As such, all of our member companies must be not-for profit also.

Partner Units and Their Time Period:

Men of Menéndez – 16th Century Spanish
St. Augustine Garrison – 18th Century Spanish
60th Regiment of Foote – 18th Century British
East Florida Rangers – 18th Century British
HOTAO – 16th Century Indian
St. Augustine Textile Guild – 18th Century Crafts
Searle’s Buccaneers – 17th Century British
Drake’s Men – 16th Century English
First Florida Frontier – 16th Century Crafts

Contact Information

Postal Address
Historic Florida Militia
PO Box 586
St. Augustine, FL  32084
Electronic Mail
General Information: johnpryder@bellsouth.net
Web / Technical Issues
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